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Our staff are constantly training because the safety of passengers is always paramount. We want all passengers to have the confidence of being in very capable hands for any unforeseen event or incident on the road.

Frequently asked questions

To send you a quotation we need a contact name, telephone number and email address. At this point we do not need any surname or fiscal data. Please fill in all other details, and if during the transfer there is more than one intermediate stop or there is a waiting period for the vehicle, please specify in the remarks field. If there is large luggage that requires more capacity than usual in the boot of our vehicles, please indicate this in the comments field. Normally, we will send you an email with a quote number, with the price of the requested transfers, but if you wish, we can send it to you by WhatsApp or Telegram.

For this step, the regulations require you to send us your full name, ID or VAT number by email, if you have not sent this information before, please include the quote number, or simply reply to the email we sent you and accept the quote.

Here are the options: Pay the driver for all contracted transfers at the beginning of the first transfer.If you have previously requested this when you made your booking, you can pay by credit card (including American Express). We can provide you with an account number and with the quote number as a reference, make a bank transfer. This should reach the company no later than the day before the contracted transfers. Our bank, if you authorise it, using your email and mobile number, can send the charge to your email and you can pay it by credit card.

We accept cancellations free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the contracted transfer.

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